Dedicated to helping job seekers find work during the pandemic. Click here to read more. Office assistants are required to perform numerous clerical and administrative duties. Their responsibilities include scheduling appointments, supporting other organizational and clerical tasks, dealing with incoming calls, maintaining filing systems and other administrative activities, depending on the company.

Here, you will find tips and resume examples that will help take your office assistant resume — and your career — to the next level. Thorough and steadfast Office Assistant with top-notch administrative skills and solid background in tech and construction. Surpasses business targets while satisfying diverse customer demands. Independently handle clerical tasks like routing correspondence and coordinating travel arrangements to keep business operations smooth and efficient. Recruiters find this template easy-to-read thanks to its straightforward layout, which utilizes simple graphical elements to organize sections.

With its bold use of color headers and streamlined dual-column layout, this template is a good option for projecting a professional image.

This straightforward layout uses a prominent header and clearly labeled section titles to draw attention to your achievements. You can also select from more than 20 other professionally-designed layouts to create a well-structured resume from our templates collection. As office assistant positions can vary from day-to-day, from receptionist duties to file organization, look to present a wide range of skills, including:.

To demonstrate your commitment to excellence and gaining expertise, look to gain specific certifications, such as a Certified Administrative Professional credential.

Such a certification would go a long way in building your career path. Some other program that are appropriate for office assistants are:. Format your resume depending on your work experience and skills. If you have a stable work history and your experience is relevant to the role you are applying for, and you have no gaps between employment, the chronological format is a good fit. The functional format is ideal for recent college graduates or people with limited experience, as it puts the spotlight on the relevant skills you already have.

The combination format is for those who wish to detail their work experience and show recruiters their various accomplishments in previous roles. For example: if you volunteered to assist teachers in organizing field trips. To climb up the career ladder, work on developing computer skills that go beyond the basics e. Join industry associations such as the International Association of Administrative Professionals — this allows you to participate in events and seminars which will give you more insight about the profession, as well as network with others for future opportunities.

Consider opportunities outside your office in nonprofit organizations. When providing support to these organizations, you might find mentors who will help you in developing your abilities and knowledge in the field. Skip to content. Build My Resume. Summary An ideal summary for this position should exhibit a variety of skills.

Emphasize a top experience that seems apt for the position e. Pay attention to the job description and focus on presenting the skills that recruiters care most about in your resume, such as word processing, good interpersonal abilities, computer savvy, money handling, inventory management and problem-solving abilities. Education Feature your highest education level e. Find the Right Template for Your Resume.

office assistant skills on resume

Customize This Resume. Esteemed Recruiters find this template easy-to-read thanks to its straightforward layout, which utilizes simple graphical elements to organize sections. Managerial With its bold use of color headers and streamlined dual-column layout, this template is a good option for projecting a professional image. Remarkable This straightforward layout uses a prominent header and clearly labeled section titles to draw attention to your achievements.

Do customize your resume for the specific position People usually make the mistake of creating one all-purpose resume and just modifying the cover letter. Read the job description carefully, prioritize skills and qualifications, and gear your resume to show achievements and skills that the recruiter is looking for.

A clean, crisp and error-free resume makes for smooth reading, so avoid typos or errors.An Office Assistant resume should include all key skills related to efficiency, office management, confidentiality, and documentation.

Your resume should showcase your abilities, measurable achievements, and qualities to make the document strong. To maximize your opportunities, you should have it professionally formatted and written to stand out against competitors. Many job seekers think that an eye-catching resume template will help them stand out to hiring managers and increase their chances of landing an interview.

This is a myth put out by resume builders that value design over content. Creative resume templates, like the one pictured here, can actually hurt your chances of landing an interview. Instead, you should use a basic resume format that quickly communicates your basic information and qualifications—like the one included below.

office assistant skills on resume

How confident are you feeling about your resume? If you need more help, you can always refer to the following resume sample for a position. Extremely accurate and organized with strong skills in scheduling, reception, organization, document preparation and creating a warm, welcoming environment for clients. Strives in fast-paced environments performing regular and recurring duties independently without supervision.

Self-starter with excellent oral and written communication skills. Proven team player with the ability to work with people at all levels of a corporation. You should always begin with a summary section. Remember to use basic formatting with clear section headings and a traditional layout. Finally, be sure to include top skills throughout your resume. The resume summary replaces the out-of-date resume objective.

A summary outlines the most impressive parts of your resume for easy recall by your potential employer, while also serving to fill in personal qualities that may not appear elsewhere on the page. Remember that summaries are short and consist of pithy sentence fragments! You can check out the Office Assistant resume example for more information!

ZipTip: Make your soft skills stand out by describing them in the context of your work history.This includes a mix of hard and soft skills that are required to successfully perform the role. This article shows you how to list relevant office assistant skills on a resume with examples and gives you a list of the best office assistant skills and how you can improve your own.

Related: Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills. Your cover letter is a useful tool to highlight your skills. Here are some of the best skills to add to your resume when applying for an office assistant role:. A great way to improve your office assistant skills is by dedicating time to learn how to use a new software program. A useful tip to improve your skills and productivity is to track how long it takes you to complete various tasks.

It often helps to speak to others who are in the same role as you. How to List Multitasking Skills on a Resume. Career Development. Complete Guide to Job Specialization. What Is a Discretionary Bonus? Getting a Job. What Is Base Salary? Cover Letters.

What Is a Cover Page? Share Tweet. Soft Skills How to list office assistant skills on your resume Here are three ways to list office assistant skills on your resume: 1. Best office assistant skills to add to a resume Here are some of the best skills to add to your resume when applying for an office assistant role: Client relations.

Office assistants typically deal with clients on a daily basis via a range of channels such as over the phone, by email or face-to-face. In some circumstances, you may be the first person a client interacts with at your company, so a friendly demeanor and a client-centric outlook will be among the top attributes a hiring manager will be looking for.

How to List Office Assistant Skills on a Resume | Best Skills and Examples

Communication skills. Similarly, good communication skills are important in your role as an office assistant. Managing a switchboard. Previous experience in managing a switchboard or answering a high volume of calls can often be advantageous when applying for an office assistant role. Be sure to showcase your experience and match the terminology from the job description.

Administrative Assistant Resume [2020] - Guide & Examples

Attention to detail. This is an important skill in the workplace, particularly in relation to written communication.

How to Get a Job With No Experience

Office assistants are often responsible for drafting emails, writing corporate documents and data entry. Good attention to detail will ensure no typos or mistakes make their way into important documents. Time management. Organization is a key skill for an office assistant. This involves managing your time and prioritizing tasks in order to meet deadlines and keep the office running smoothly.

A hiring manager will be interested to see examples of your time management skills in your resume.As an employee, you'll be expected to have a wide range of skills specific to the position you were hired for. In the role of an office assistant, for example, you'll need to have certain technology, organizational and written communication skills to be a valuable employee.

Knowing the skills needed in this role is crucial to understanding the areas where you can improve. In this article, we detail which office assistant skills are important and methods for improving them. Having a wide variety of skills and being able to execute them effectively in the workplace is greatly beneficial in any industry.

Knowing the ins and outs of your role as an office assistant will help you succeed while also helping you understand which skills you'll need to work on. Though there are many skills you should have in your role as an office assistant, here are some of the most common:.

One of the most important skills you can have as an office assistant is the ability to communicate well with your coworkers, clients and managers. As an office assistant, you'll likely be required to answer phones, take messages and be a source of contact for various clients, making this soft skill particularly critical.

Written communication skills are just as important as verbal communication skills. This is because as an office assistant, you'll likely be tasked with drafting emails, typing and mailing correspondence, and taking detailed notes during meetings, among other duties. Throughout the various forms of written communication you encounter, you'll need to communicate clearly, concisely and in a professional tone.

As an office assistant, you'll be responsible for understanding your company's various computer software programs. This will require you to have a good working knowledge of programs, such as word processing programs, spreadsheets and databases to curate a presentation for a meeting or organize information for your manager.

Though the specific programs you'll be expected to know will vary from company to company, you can expect to spend a good amount of time in front of a computer as an office assistant.

Because office assistants often take on multiple tasks at once, you must be able to organize your day and your assignments effectively. You'll also likely be in charge of scheduling or providing your managers or administrators with support.

This requires a high level of organizational skills. You might also be tasked with billing, filing, handling money and data entry—all of which require you to be an effective organizer.

Your success in this area benefits not only you but the company at large. Having time-management skills in incredibly useful in this profession due to the high number of tasks you'll be expected to complete each day. Planning your duties ahead of time and using technology to help you do so could ease stress and aid you in better preparing for the tasks ahead. In addition, employers prefer office assistants—and employees in general—who are punctual.

As an office assistant, you'll need to have good problem-solving skills when it comes to responding to questions from others, arranging travel, coordinating meetings and other tasks of a similar nature.Office assistant positions similar to personal assistants can be found in all industries, and share a rather large set of skills. Office assistants are sometimes known as secretaries or administrative assistants, but what they do is assist in the functioning of an office.

Whether the office belongs to a law firm, a medical practice, an educational institution, or a corporation, the needs are similar; somebody has to file records, maintain schedules, and take care of routine communication on behalf of the people who use the office.

That somebody could be you. While office assistant positions are generally similar to each other, the job is still variable - it just varies from day to day, rather than from office to office. Office assistants are among the great unsung heroes of the business world, because when you do your job right, nobody notices- the office appears to run itself. But some people enjoy the fast-paced yet flexible work, the feeling of being at the heart of everything.

And a good secretary can still find work almost anywhere, in any kind of organization. You can use these skills lists throughout your job search process. First, the names of these skills function as keywords, so use as many as you can when writing your resume. Second, you can use these same keywords in your cover letter. Focus specifically on the ones your prospective employer cares about most.

The job description will probably include a list of required skills. Pay attention to it. Finally, you can use this discussion to plan your interview. Make sure you have ready at least one example for a time you demonstrated skills from each category listed here.

It may also help to review our lists of skills listed by job and types of skill. Verbal Communication Skills: Communication is a critical soft skill for an office assistant.

You will have to interact with your supervisor, fellow office staff, the professionals you assist, and possibly clients or people in other offices of the same organization. You all work as a team, and you are its main communication hub. Written Communication Skills: Most office assistants write a lot. They might write memos, fill out forms, or draft letters or emails. Some create content for the company website or edit text for others.

office assistant skills on resume

Clear, professional written communication is a must. Friendliness: An office assistant might be the first person a client sees upon entering the office. You must be ready to greet every visitor with a smile and a kind word and to help them with whatever they need so far as you are able. So, good interpersonal skills are a necessity. Technology Skills: In the old days, secretaries did a lot of typing. Times have changed and so has technology, but office assistants can still expect to spend plenty of time in front of a keyboard.

Organization: Office assistants must be extremely organized to effectively to juggle their many tasks. Listed by Job College Grad Skills. Full Bio Follow Linkedin. Follow Twitter. Alison Doyle is the job search expert for The Balance Careers, and one of the industry's most highly-regarded job search and career experts.

Read The Balance's editorial policies. Continue Reading.An Office Assistant is a great entry-level job opportunity for anyone who wants to grow into the corporate lifestyle. You will get to work with different people from various departments. You will be tasked to handle an assortment of duties and responsibilities. As an Office Assistant, you gain knowledge, experience and build your network of connections.

If you want to secure that job openingyou should submit an attention-grabbing Office Assistant resume. The good news is we have the Office Assistant resume sample that can help you land that job. When composing a resume, you should not leave anything to chance.

A day in the life of an Office Assistant can be exciting. You could find yourself handling different tasks from time to time. It is a job whereby there is a constant process of learning. Without an Office Assistant, many businesses would be in chaos.

Office Assistant Resume Sample

The Office Assistant helps hold the fort down so the professionals can focus on work without much distraction. You will see right off the bat in our Office Assistant resume example that the many required skills are properly identified.

Dedicated, meticulous professional with 10 years of experience is desirous of contributing organizational, administrative and technical skill sets as an office assistant for a well-established and reputable company.

But without them, a business can fall apart at the seams. The little things they do are the ones that keep the company running smoothly.

office assistant skills on resume

A Hiring Manager will look for a candidate that can multi-task. This means, they want someone with diverse experience and a varied skill set.

Businesses want an Office Assistant who can transition from one skill to the next. This is the reason why in the resume for Office Assistant example we have given, we enumerated the different duties and responsibilities you managed in your previous work. Also, you must highlight any special training or certification you received on competencies that are relevant for work as an Office Assistant.

When you can prove extensive experience and show a wide range of proficiencies, the company does not have to spend much time and resources getting you ready for work. This is an encouraging factor for them because they can put you on the floor and expect results right away. As mentioned in the previous section, hiring managers are looking for candidates with a varied skill set.

There are 3 types of skill sets that they will evaluate:. Administrative skills refer to work that is more supportive or clerical in nature. An Office Assistant should have the requisite administrative skills to keep the company running smoothly.

These include answering phones, organizing meetings and creating an efficient filing system. Technical skill is more specialized in nature. These types of skills are usually not the norm among office assistants. Thus, it sets you apart and differentiates you from the other candidates. Examples of technical skills are accounting, web management, digital marketing, content writing and proficiency in specific computer programs or software.A recent survey of more than managers in the U.

The beauty of these roles is how they give you a chance to work with almost every part of a business and build relationships with colleagues across teams and departments.

You can use the list above to help you brainstorm duties and tasks for the Work Experiences section of your resume more on that — and our tip to reframe tasks as achievements — soon. A great Administrative Assistant is a little like a Swiss Army Knife; able to solve a range of problems with the right tool in the right moment. If you need to create a modern and professional resume to showcase your skills for a role like this, this guide will take you through:. Let's get this out of the way quickly, because you know your own contact information better than we do.

Drop the street address and city info, though. If you have a professional website, blog, or well-maintained LinkedIn profile, add them to showcase your skills and experience. Your summary is where you highlight your skills and how they can bring value to the employer. If you compare the specific and vague summaries below, you can see immediately which one is more appealing.

Strong interpersonal skills and a lifelong focus on supporting others and helping them shine. Administrative Assistant seeking to use her skills and experience to benefit an organization that is making the world a better place.

Check out our writing a resume summary guideif you want more help with this part. Administrative assistants need a lot of soft skills to shine in these roles. When you're customizing your resume to best fit a company and its job advertisement, it can become easy to slip into using the listed tasks and responsibilities to summarise your own past duties.

Featured In:. In many senses, they act as a career stepping stone within that company and beyond. Sounds great right, but what exactly do administrative assistants do? Does that sound like you?