The Jam was based on this List: St. Patrick's Day Vocabulary. Questions on hooligan and blight were a bit of a challenge for many players, but the image question on emerald was an easy points-grab for most competitors. Team Blue rallied about 15 questions into the question matchup, but with players like Amanda L. The final score was 10, to 8, We'll host another public Jam next week, so stay tuned for the details right here on the Vocabulary.

Invite your students, your online friends, and your next-door neighbors to join us for a few minutes of friendly-but-fierce vocabulary competition. When it comes to the Jam — the bigger, the better. Never played a Vocabulary Jam? Here's how it works. Whether you're a student, an educator, or a lifelong learner, Vocabulary. Don't have an account yet? Sign up.

Who's Ready to Jam?

It's free and takes five seconds. Thanks for Jammin'! Spread the word s! Rate this article: Click here to read more articles from Announcements.

Participating in a Vocabulary Jam (Video)

Print Related Wordlists. A New Look for the Vocabulary. Voting for Vocabulary. September 25, Sign up, it's free! Get Started. Connect Vocabulary.Vocabularians everywhere, get ready to join or host a Vocabulary Jam!

What is a Vocabulary Jam? Start a Jam in your classroom, among friends, or with a whole auditorium. Q: Who can start a Jam? A: Anyone! Whether you are an educator or a student, anyone with a free account on Vocabulary. If you are a subscriber to our Educator Edition, you can customize your Vocabulary Jam and pick exactly which words, questions, and meanings will be included in your Jam. Q: What if I want my Jam to be untimed?

Learn English Vocabulary With Pictures and Story 👉 Albert Einstein

A: No problem! A: Yes! All players who complete a Jam are awarded the points they earn during the Jam. A: No. However, we do give you the option at the end of each Jam to manually add the words you got wrong to your Learning Program.

Q: Do I need an account to join a Jam? A: Nope! You can join anonymously. Q: As the host, can I move people to different teams? Q: How many people can join a Jam? A: How many people do you know?

Q: The Jam is cool, but it would be better if… how do I give you my Jam suggestion?The Vocabulary Jam is an interactive competition, where teams compete in real-time! You can start a Jam in your classroom, among friends, or with a whole auditorium.

Start with any Vocabulary List. Click Start a Jam! Look for the Start a Jam button in the Activities section on the List page. You can also find it in the Assign tab of any list.

Join Our Flash Vocab Jam on Friday, May 11

Customize your Jam. Select from different options to tailor it just the way you want! Choose Your Questions. If you have a premium subscription, you will be able to select which questions your students will see, as well as change the order using the up and down arrows to the right of each one.

Invite some players. If you selected a class, students who are signed in will get an invitation to join. The other way is to provide players with the six-digit Jam Code. Start the Jam! Not sure of the answer? At the end of the Jam, click the rematch button to automatically create a new Jam with the same vocabulary list, players and teams. First, choose how many questions you want. You can choose from 10, 20, 30 or 40 questions to start, but subscribers with a premium subscription have additional length option while choosing their questions.

Next, choose your level of difficulty. The scale ranges from very easy to very hard, with easier options providing more straightforward questions. If you are a teacher, you can check the classes you want to invite. Choosing slow, medium or fast will mean players have a set amount of time to answer each question. The timer starts at points and tickets down as more time passes. The faster they answer the more points they can earn for a correct answer, but they'll lose half of those potential points if they answer incorrectly, so guessing is heavily penalized.

Alternatively, the host can also select no time limit, to give players as much time as they need to answer each question. When playing a Jam with no time limit, the host will manually click a button to reveal answers and to move on to the next question.

Questions in this mode are always worth 50 points and there are no additional bonuses for answering more quickly.We believe that when you remember the JAM you think about the company that:.

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Powerfull tool to manage all aspects of retail business from inventory management to data analytics, sales processing. POS System.The Vocabulary Jam is an interactive competition, where teams compete in real-time! You can start a Jam in your classroom, among friends, or with a whole auditorium. Every Vocabulary Jam has a unique a 6-digit Jam Code given to you by the host.

Once you have your Jam Code go to Vocab. Part of a class? Your teacher can send you a notification that will let you jump right into their Jam.

Just click the notification that appears on the top right while you're logged in. You don't have to have a Vocabulary. If the host has allowed players to choose their own teams, the next step will be to select the team you'd like to play for.

Jams can consist of teams and each one gets their own unique color. The host has the ability to move players from one team or another or to remove them from the game entirely to keep things even. When the host begins the Jam, everyone will see a countdown to the first question. By default, each question is timed. You'll see a timer above the question begin to tick down the moment it appears, and to the right of the timer the potential number of points you can earn for answering right now.

The sooner you answer the questions the more points you can earn, but be careful! Get the question wrong and half of those potential points are taken away from your team instead.

join vocab jam black edition

Guessing before fully reading the question will lose your team a lot of points. Once the timer runs out, or after everyone has given an answer, the correct answer will be revealed and you can see how everyone did on the team cards near the bottom of the page. After the points are tallied you'll see the teams shuffle around to indicate who in the lead.

You'll always see them ranked from left to right by the highest score. At the end of the Jam, you'll see the winning team and all the words you struggled with.Same result after clearing Cache, in latest versions of Chrome and IEWhat browser are you using.

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join vocab jam black edition

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